BeAnne C
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
500 RYT

BeAnne has been practicing and studying the philosophy of yoga for over 20 years. She received her 500-hour advanced certification from Peachtree Yoga Center in 2008 where she had the unique opportunity to study the deeper teachings of the Yoga Sutras under the personal guidance of Dr. Michel Angot, a world-renowned expert Sanskrit professor from the University of Paris. She studied the powerful “silent” meditation techniques under Bhagwan Awatramani, and received the Neelakantha Meditation Initiation from Paul Muller-Ortega.

BeAnne is certified in Reiki and Pranic Energy Healing, but didn’t fully embrace energetic healing until graduating from White Winds Institute under the founder, Dr. Fernand Poulin, as an Integrative Energetic Medicine Practitioner.

In her words, “Yoga will change your life. Our bodies weren’t meant to endure the stress we’re exposed to in our everyday lives. The mental fatigue and physical exhaustion can create a level of anxiety that is detrimental to our health and well-being. Yoga positively impacts the nervous system and has the ability to bring a sense of calm and peace that is greatly nourishing and restorative.

Yoga is my passion. I will challenge you, strengthen you and laugh with you. My goal is to help quiet the overly active mind and get you back in to your body so you can feel more settled and at peace. If you allow yourself to be present and conscious of the breath, you will reemerge a healthier and happier you.

There is wisdom in the heart — it just takes a little unraveling. Life doesn’t hand out free rides. We must show up and do the work necessary to awaken to a more conscious way of living. I’ve committed myself to this work since my twenties, so I get it (I really, really get it). Will you join me on this journey towards conscious living?”