Dr. Sarah D
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
DC, Buti Yoga Certified

Sarah is a local chiropractor and yoga lover. She has dabbled in and out of studios for 20 years since she first discovered yoga classes at her college gym. When she was introduced to Buti Yoga in 2017 she was hooked for life! This practice spoke to her in a way that no other practice did. What else was there to do, then to become certified to share Buti Yoga? Due to the physical nature of her job working with horses, dogs, and people everyday, Sarah soon realized how profound yoga was to keeping body and mind supple and receptive.

Sarah incorporates yoga poses and stretching within her chiropractic practice on a daily basis. She encourages all forms of self care to her clients, especially practicing meditation, breathwork, yoga, pilates, and nutrition. When not she’s not in her local chiropractic office or on her yoga mat, she can be found out and about in the Alpharetta community, playing with animals, riding horses, and enjoying the outdoors.