Erica R
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
500 RYT

Erica is a native New Yorker and graduate of Howard University in Washington D.C., as well as Laughing Lotus Yoga School and Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. She has studied with many great teachers including Schuyler Grant & Nikki Vilella of Kula Yoga Project in NYC.

Erica teaches a dynamic vinyasa practice where she carefully instructs the integral alignment of each pose, while using creative sequencing and focusing on the breath. In this intelligent vinyasa class, geometry and architecture of each asana are a big part of her instruction, yet there is still time to find the flow and moving meditation often set to a curated musical playlist. Although this class can be challenging, it can also be modified for beginners. Strengthen the ability to focus better and sharpen the mind, while fine tuning awareness, proprioception, intuition, and attention. There is often a fun and philosophical approach. It is always advised that you go at your pace, honor your capabilities, and listen to your body.