Michelle A
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
200 RYT

My passion runs very deep for yoga and it is something I carry with me in every movement and breath I take throughout the day. I believe yoga goes way past the postures – it is a lifestyle.  When I was growing up, I was a national competitor in artistic gymnastics and then moved on to competing for the NCAA. Throughout this journey, I graduated as a Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science (Major: Biomedical Science, Double Minor: Chemistry & Psychology). The entire time I had a deep longing for mental health and finding a way to help it holistically. I worked at crisis lines, volunteered for mental health foundations, and thought I was going to Medical School for this all while being a personal trainer, performing research, coaching, mentoring and more.

The day I graduated and already applied to Medical Schools – I realized something was off. I packed my bags and literally joined the circus. I was touring around the world for many years as a professional acrobat and flyer – meanwhile I had already been practicing Yoga independently all along. This journey led me to find my passion and what my purpose is. I was able to study and learn from many incredible teachers and instructors with very diverse backgrounds and beliefs. I fell in love with the eastern practices of yoga. I became a certified yoga instructor while studying in Indonesia and my world suddenly opened the door I had been seeking.

I believe deeply in the practice of yoga as a lifestyle. In all of my classes I always make sure to do my best to keep the tradition of yoga passed from soul to soul by pouring my passion and care into every flow. With a simple practice, we have the ability to change our perspective and start naturally healing ourselves physically and mentally. Something unique that I like to bring to the table is my background in acrobatics and stunts – I can bring a lot of unique flows, postures, inversions and breathwork to keep you on your toes. I am so happy to be part of the family here at Lift and to provide you the happiness and health you deserve!