Iyengar Yoga with Guest Yogi Erin
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
A conversation with the amazing Erin Bartolutti

Hello Friends! This week we have the pleasure of spending some time with an amazing young woman, ​Erin Bartolutti! Erin is originally from Connecticut but has made Atlanta her home for quite some time. It was during a trip to a bookstore while on vacation in Florida when Erin found yoga. Since that time she has been honing her practice and will be leading an Iyengar-based community yoga class on January 31st. Be sure to sign up and meet this amazing and inspirational yogi!

Lift: So Erin, you found yoga in a Florida bookshop?

Erin: Ha! Yes! A few years back on a family beach trip to Florida I was bored and decided to go to a local bookstore. I spied a book on yoga and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I took a couple of classes at a local studio, absolutely loved it, and continued with it once home. After about a year I started training and completed my YTT at Yoga Selah.

Lift: What may students expect to experience at your class?

Erin: We will be practicing Iyengar yoga which focuses on alignment of the body through the practice of precise postures performed in a set sequence and will use props like blocks, straps, etc. We will work together to achieve this precise body alignment with the props, hands on assists and verbal cues. Each posture will be held for a bit in order for muscles to get a full expression on the pose and allow the muscles to relax so that they may lengthen. The body gains strength and balance all while in a relaxed state. (Sounds like a very subtle practice!)

Lift: Can you tell us about your personal practice goals? Favorite poses? Poses you aspire to accomplish?

Erin: My personal practice goals to continue to learn and grow with new methods. I plan to continue my training with working with children with special needs as that is near to my heart and something I’d really like to share. My favorite pose is Tree Pose because I love how grounded I feel in the pose. The pose I’m working on is the eight angle pose. It’s challenging and I love that fact!

Lift: Thank you so much Erin for your time and story! Namaste.

Erin: Namaste.


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