LiftLIVE Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to offer live interactive classes via Zoom! ​Below are a few frequently asked questions about how our LiftLIVE classes work.

To speed up the process of joining your first LiftLIVE class, please download the app on your computer or mobile device ahead of time.

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In a nutshell, what is a LiftLIVE Zoom class?

Zoom is a video conferencing program that allows you to see the instructor teaching the class via a webcam or mobile device. If you opt to turn on your camera, the instructor can also see you and communicate throughout class! Turning on your camera is optional and you have complete control to decide if that’s something you want, or not.

How do I sign up?

Either go to the class schedule, or download the Lift Yoga app (links at the bottom of this page), and sign up as you would for a regular class.

How do I join a class I signed up for?

Virtual classes will begin approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of class.

You can access the virtual classes you’ve registered for either through our WellnessLiving booking site, or our Lift Yoga mobile app (links to download at the bottom of this page). Navigate to My Schedule and click JOIN next the class and you’ll be taken to Zoom to join the class.

I clicked on the link and no one is here.

As the host of the meeting, the instructor will open the meeting shortly before the scheduled start time of the class (5-10 minutes). Please be patient and give them time to set up before they admit everyone into the live class.

If you’ve signed up for multiple classes, double check that you clicked on the correct link.

What if I sign up for class within minutes of the class starting?

You can sign up for the class right up until the scheduled start time. Just follow the instructions above to sign up and join.

Something came up and I'm late to class, can I still join?

Of course! After the scheduled start time of class you can find the JOIN link in Past Services. Just click on the link when you’re ready and you’ll enter the class. Just be mindful to keep your sound muted so that you don’t disrupt the other participants.

Will I be able to talk during class?

You will automatically be muted upon entering the meeting. Please keep your line muted unless the instructor tells you to unmute.

I don't want other participants to see me. Do I have to turn on my video?

Video is not a requirement to participate in our live classes.

Will these classes be recorded and posted or live streamed anywhere else?

No. You must attend LiftLIVE classes at the scheduled time of the class.

Do you have questions that weren't answered here? Please feel free to contact us!