Happy Holidays Friends!
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
A conversation with Kelley and Tom Petrini

This month is always so special and a great time to share with one another and be near friends and/or family. December yogis of the month are a great reflection of that sentiment. We are so pleased to share with our Tribe these two fabulous humans — Kelley and Tom Petrini.

Lift: Where, when, and how were you first introduced to yoga?

Tom: We have been been familiar with yoga for a while, and Kelley practiced at a few studios in Roswell during our first two years in Atlanta. Last December, we wanted something to do together in the evenings and were both interested in yoga so we started with a 30 day Yoga challenge on YouTube. It didn’t take long for us both to see the benefits of yoga practice, so we wanted more and started going to Weekend Wind Down together. Yes, Kim’s WWD is amazing!

Lift: What keeps you two coming back to yoga?

Kelley: The mental benefits! After a long work day, it’s nice to go to yoga to reset our minds and do something together benefits each of us individually.

Lift: Do you guys do yoga everyday?

Tom: Nope but we do try to stick to a weekly routine where we’re at least active every day. On nights we’re not at Lift, I’m usually running on the treadmill at the gym and Kelley’s doing an in home workout in the living room with our dog, Renegade, close by!

Lift: Do you guys have any yoga “rituals” in preparing to begin yoga or after?

Kelley: We both typically have an apple or banana before class. If we know we’re going to a night class, we usually have a crock pot meal waiting for us when we get home! That’s inspirational and smart!

Lift: Are there any poses or classes you guys are hesitant to try?

Tom: Well, Kelley is scared of all things hot yoga and inversions make me a little nervous.

Lift: What is the most interesting thing you’ve found, so far, your yoga practice or about yoga in general?

Kelley: Prior to joining Lift we both thought of yoga as mostly Vinyasa Flow. We didn’t realize all the different types of yoga and the benefits each can offer. Absolutely and they compliment one another too. Like Power Yoga and Restorative or Yin Yoga classes. The one enhances the other.

Lift: What is something about you guys that surprises people when they learn it?

Kelley: Actually, most people are surprised when they find out we go to yoga together!

Lift: Where is the most unusual place you guys have done a yoga pose?

Tom: We did tree pose at the top of Blood Mountain! We need pictures! If you guys have one, please post it on our FB Group!!

Lift: Do you guys have any recommendations for the Lifties this month?

Tom: Yes! Bundle up and take a walk! With the sun setting so early in December it’s hard not to stay on the couch but we try to get outside everyday even if it’s just for a 30 minute walk in the neighborhood. We’ve never regretted it!

Lift: So do you guys have a goal for your personal yoga practices?

Kelley: Continue to practice and try new classes!!

Lift: Yes! You guys are amazing! Thank you both for your time and for being a part of our special Tribe. Namaste.

Kelley and Tom: Namaste!


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