Happy New Decade, New Year, New Student of the Month!
Lift Yoga Studio Instructor
A conversation with Simon

Happy New Year fantastic humans! We are so fortunate to have such a marvelous group of people who come to Lift to share their yoga practice year after year and month after month. To start a new year and new decade off right, we are excited to introduce you to yet another amazing person, Simon!

SimonLift: Hello Simon! We love to know what brings people to yoga in general. What brought you?

Simon: One of my best friends has been doing yoga for many years and encouraged me to do it many years ago. Good friend!

Lift: So how did you find Lift?

Simon: In late July 2018, I Googled to find a studio to help me find the correct posture for meditation. Paige answered the phone when I called and said that yoga poses are designed to help you stretch and build strength to sit a long time in meditation poses. Paige is a keeper.

Lift: So what keeps you coming back to yoga?

Simon: The amazing teachers and great schedule on Thursdays and Saturdays is what keeps me coming back. I like how some of the teachers weave in vedic teachings into their classes. For example, one of the teachers quoted phrases from the Yamas and Niyamas in one of the Vinyassa or Yin classes. She explained some of the philosophies to me, then I went home and researched it and applied it to my daily routine. To truly transform, you need to address both the mind and body which Lift, and the community, does a great job in both areas.

Lift: Do you do yoga everyday Simon?

Simon: My schedule doesn’t permit me to go to the studio everyday, but I do go through a quick Yin flow routine before I meditate twice per day. Nice!

Lift: What are your “yoga essentials” in prepping to begin or after yoga? Any favorite props?

Simon: I usually start each yoga session with a butterfly pose then go into a child pose. Always great to begin well grounded.

Lift: What is the most surprising thing you’ve found so far about yoga in general OR about your personal yoga practice?

Simon: Since doing yoga, I find that my posture in general is much better. It has also helped me with my personal yoga practice at home.

Lift: Is there one place in the world you would love to do yoga or snap that yoga pose picture?

Simon: I would like to do yoga in Rishikesh India. It is definitely on my bucket list.

Lift: Is there any type of yoga that you gravitate to OR that you are hesitant to try. Or is there a pose you are aspiring to accomplish?

Simon: I aspire to one day be able to do the tree pose. It amazes me how the teachers and other students can effortlessly do that pose. And what comes easy to you may be challenging to others. Meditating twice a day requires commitment and patience! Such a beautiful practice and inspiring.

Lift: Do you have goals for your personal yoga practice?

Simon: One day I would like to be a yoga instructor. Yes!

Lift: What is something about you that surprises people when they learn it?

Simon: That I used to race off-road motorcycles when I was younger. I don’t think it is a big deal, but many people seem to be surprised by that fact. Love it!

Lift: Do you have any recommendations for our tribe? Favorite type of yoga mat? Outdoor activities? Yoga Class?

Simon: I really like the Rumi’s mats as well as the circular gel pads for the hands and wrists.

Lift: Some fun questions: Most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Favorite color? Any pets and their names? One word description of your experience at Lift?

Simon: Ok. More like impulsive, but I bought two new cars from the same dealer on a late evening after work. Blue. Yes, one Havanese named Leo. “Transformational”. You know, I once asked a senior Thai Buddhist monk what is the purpose of this world. He responded by saying that it is a “transformation factory.” The amazing Souls at Lift have been an important component part of my personal transformation. You are all doing very important work in this universal transformational process for all members at Lift.

Lift: That’s amazing and so are you Simon! We are all so fortunate to have you here! Thank you for your time. Namaste.

Simon: Namaste.


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